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*~all i've said and things i've done~*

accents, ant and dec, award ceremonies, bagels, bags, baked beans, bangles, beads, big wheels, birmingham academy, black rebel motorcycle club, blokes with messy hair, books, booze in general, camden, candyfloss, cerise, champagne, cheese, chocolate, christmas, chrome, cocktails, comedy, contact lenses, crisps, curry, cutting my own hair, dancing, dave gorman, david bowie, de montfort hall, de montfort university, death from above 1979, delays, downloading music, drinking, eastenders, eating out, eddie izzard, eyes, fancy dress, feeder, festivals, flying saucer sweets, franz ferdinand, gigs, glam rock, glitter, glitterballs, goldie lookin chain, hair dye, hair straighteners, hqhair, indie, indie boys, internet, jamiroquai, joe's ice cream, jude law, karaoke, kasabian, lager, later with jools holland, laughter, lava lamps, leicester, little britain, london, los angeles, mac cosmetics, magazines, make-up, making compilation c.d.s, men that play guitars, money, music, nail varnish, new york, nottingham rock city, nuts, oasis, parties, paul weller, peter kay, phoenix nights, photos, pout, primal scream, pubs, qvc, rainbows, raspberries, razorlight, reading, reality tv, retro adidas, rings, robbie williams, rock, rock stars, scissor sisters, serafin, shoes, shopping, silver, sleeping, smoothies, sparkling water, stereophonics, stevie wonder, strawberries, sunshine, super furry animals, sushi, sweets, text messaging, the bullring, the charlatans, the clash, the colour pink, the cooper temple clause, the libertines, the muppets, the office, the quay, the soar point, the stone roses, weddings, white chocolate malteasers, zebra print